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Why should I join the $exy faction?

  • We aren't the strongest, but we are stronger day after day. You will possess the potential to make a difference here. You are not just one more person, but you are an additoin to making the faction even stronger.
  • All BHs/FBs/TT/Base quests/TW now and then - killing bosses - are always something fun and challenging, not just one more boring and easy thing. We are at the perfect level of player to enjoy the game at maximum, and we hope to take you with us.
  • More then a faction, we are a family, and we like to talk and laught. Forget the boring faction that only plays and only use keyboard to press shortcuts for skills. We like to talk and laugh, and if you like to talk and laugh too, you are very welcome.
  • Low levels worried about your future nice TT gear? Faction can help you by farming for and with you the mats needed. After all, we are a family, we are pretty sure you will help someone who needs latter. Rank gear and end game TT99, Rank8, Nirvana is need a effort of your part too, but is not done alone - help get to you and other faction friends
  • The sexy spirit. You will have one, the longer you are in our faction, more you will feel it. What is sexy spirit? You will find out if you stay for long, and then, you will start to enjoy, not only the game, but some nice people too.

Sign up an application and we will invite.


RULES of Faction

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The wonderful $exy family, have is Faction Base at lvl 12.

Wiki about Faction Base

To use the advantages offered by the base is need to level it up. To do so is need to all members, make the quests inside the base. You will win too, besides de EXP of the quest (a Million EXP every 2 days), construction materials and construction points. Donate these at exit base NPC, cos is the only use for them. Recall too of the Manor of Justice cos provides training quests, inside base, that reward with EXP and are very useful for pet leveling too. Taking such quests will cost Feat Tokens, each of which cost 1 Contribution and 1 coin. I level the last 2~2,2% to reach 102 doing such quests. Recall besides the Alchemy Labs buffs and
One of the faction quest is a Faction Exam. All answers for the Faction Exam are on the Helpful Sites, here at right corner of our site.

Is necessary and needed for all people to help. To level up, will be needed to pay some coins - can see the ammounts in the link in the beggining of this text. Even a small contribution of 100k is welcome cos at end we all will get use of our base. The ammount we had, was used to pay the several levels till now, and we need donations in the couple days.

Couple of days ago I offer a reset note for the points that dont exist on regular sale is need to win a Auction when it appears. Was a decision that was made, to remove ALL the points from the Armory, since even offer some nice neckladges and belts the price is enough to get a "end game" ornaments.
We reset some points and put in the Alchemy Labs. We would like to get it faster, so we can achieve lvl 6 and all of us get the use of the major buffs, besides Apotechary - so you get almost all buffs the several classes provide, except Blood Paint (BP) but get others that cant get anywhere as accuracy, critical rate and channeling for 1 hour for 12k coins. In this moment we have "minor buffs" is the same but less powerful/resistance but we are at 2 steps of get the major buffs that are very very good indeed.
Remind that too of the Manor of Justice that provides training quests that reward with EXP and inside the base - very fast - kill 1 mob or 12 mobs, This quests are very good too to lvl your pet but is not need to get quest to enter the several rooms to level pets. Taking such quests will cost Feat Tokens, each of which cost 1 Contribution and 1 coin. I get my last 2~2,2% to a reach 102 doing this quests.

As our beloved Leader mention, the base quests is not a options is a request - no one will be watching if you do ore not, we all have days that can play 20 min and others that can play 2 hours, this is helping you and your mates from the faction.

For those of you interested in helping out with coins contributions, please send to our faction bank member bancoa coins or any material that you want to donate.

Even if members donate say 100k coins a week .. it all adds up and will be of a great help to our faction and our base.

Have fun in the game and wishing well with love and healt on the becoming new year
26 December 2013